Many people experience issues with balance at some point in their lives. Regardless of the reason, whether that is from dizziness, vertigo, or other inner ear disorders, the majority of imbalance conditions can be helped through physical therapy – lowering the risk of dangerous falls. This is extremely important if you are an older adult, as falls are the number one reason for injury in seniors. Each year, one in every three adults age 65 and older falls.

You may not realize that the source of your balance disorder may be due to an easily treatable condition in your inner ear. If you have gone to your doctor because you are unsteady on your feet or because you feel like you are constantly off balance, our therapy team can discuss your care and see if we can improve your balance. Our main goal is to improve your saftey and confidence as you go about your daily activities

Some diagnoses that we treat:

  • Vestibulophathy conditions
  • Repositioning
  • Meniere’s deseases
  • Endolynphatic hidrops
  • Acustic neuroma
  • Perilynphatic fistula
  • BPPV
  • Peripheral disorder
  • Vestibular neuritis
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